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CLEANFEST "T" passivator corrosion with Tannin - DERUSTOR

Easy to use, high efficiency, low price

It is a unique reaction fluid that penetrates corrosion to the depth till the "healthy iron". This will create the passivable layer, where rust no longer arises and which prevents subsequent corrosion, also creates the perfect substrate for the topcoat. The uniqueness of this derustor (rust remover) is in the non-aggressive passivation of the surface and subsequent hidden reaction.

Suitable for:

  1. vehicles and trailers
  2. body cavities
  3. boats, yachts, boats and naval equipment
  4. port facilities
  5. construction cranes
  6. gates, fences, grilles, conservatory
  7. tanks and closed profiles
  8. steel construction of halls

Product description:

Thanks to the Passivator corrosion with tannin is created protective layer to replace the primer. Mechanical corrosion removal is not so effective and is also not very surface-friendly, so we offer you this easy solution even for heavily corroded surfaces. An important advantage of tanning is the easy application of the solution and also the optical unification of the appearance of the object.

Unlike other products (rust removers), it does not cover and remove existing corrosion, but transforms the rust layer and chemically assembles a new compound on a previously corroded surface in one operation. The device can also be used on cleanly sanded surfaces as a prevention of subsequent corrosion.

Tanate conversion coatings are invaluable helpers of all archaeologists, restorers in museums, in an effort to stabilize unstable corrosion products of iron and preserve the telling value of archaeological finds.


The product was developed about the protection of the environment based on water. For this reason, the surface to be treated must be free of impurities, oil, grease and silicone. Alternatively, massage the surface with a suitable product. Cleanfest "O" and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Shake the Passivator before application! Apply with the help of a brush, spray or dive. After tanating, it is necessary to allow the layer to dry on the surface, dry thoroughly due to the maturation and reaction of the tannate layers. In about 3 hours. it is recommended to repeat the application procedure, depending on the thickness of the layer damaged by corrosion. After drying / reaction (preferably 24 hours) you can use any coating, except alcohol-based paints.

For extremely strong rust layers above 5 mm, a second treatment may be necessary. The Passivator corrosion with tannin can also be used on damp surfaces.

Hints & Tips

If you have used an old T rust remover, then we have a new, significantly better version for you, namely the Passivator corrosion with tannin- deep penetrates corrosion, after settling the corrosion turns into passive tanats.

Do you know how to derust the iron? Whether to apply paint to metal or paint for corrosion? Using the Passivator corrosion with tannin, preferably in two layers you will create the perfect substrate for your coating.

For chassis corrosion, our device Is a Corrosion Passivor with Tannin is also suitable. Here it is necessary to pay attention to careful cleaning of impurities from the surface, the passivator must penetrate perfectly with corrosion!

What are the appropriate corrosion colors after applying the Passivator corrosion with tannin? You can use either water base or synthetic paints in indoor spaces. For outdoor use, synthetic, best elastic anti-corrosion paints are suitable.

When removing corrosion chemically i.e. with the help of acids, new corrosion is activated. Only the Passivator corrosion with tannin reacts with corrosion and stops it - acting as a protection against future corrosion.

There is a lot of rust removers on the market, but if we want to stop corrosion the best suitable product is the Passivator corrosion with tannin.

By applying paint to the passivated surface, we still have an active component under the coating, if the paint is only slightly disturbed, Tannin is reactivated, and corrosion stops.

For art blacksmiths, for example, there is an important appearance of patina, if the surface is smooth before painting the Passivator corrosion with tannin then there will be no matte places. For a smooth surface, the appearance is blue to purple after rubbing, and the rusty substrate will be brown until black. For preservation, waxing or coating with colorless varnish is suitable.

Note: The product can pollute bright surfaces, therefore it is recommended to remove stains immediately with a damp cloth. When in contact with the skin, wear protective clothing, rinse with running water. Read the safety information before using the product.


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