ProductsCleanfest O

CLEANFEST „O“ - professional degreaser, cleaner, decarbonizer

is a high quality industrial cleaner and degreaser for heavily soiled surfaces. The degreasing properties of this product are exceptional. The composition offers effective decarbonization to remove soot from fireplace glass, electrical burn, exhaust dirt, oil platform cleaning, oiled area cleaning, aluminum parts degreasing in the engineering industry and much more…


  • it is used undiluted for washing heavily soiled engines.
  • for normal soiling it is possible to dilute 1: 11: 2 with water for cleaning floors etc. it is possible to use diluted 1:10 with water.
  • apply the detergent from the bottom of the washed article to upwards.Leave approx. 1 min effect / max. 5 min./, then rinse thoroughly with water.In case of drying repeat the application.


  • 500 ml (with spray)
  • 1000 ml
  • 5 000 ml
  • 1 000 l
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