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Engines, trains

Do you need to clean the engine? Are you troubled by rusty spots? Do you have a greasy floor? We have a solution for everything! Cleaning products that will eliminate your dirt problems in a minute.

Suitable cleaning agents:


Cars, trucks, aircrafts

Are you bothered by the dried insects on the car? Do you need to wash a plane or truck? Do you like shiny bikes? Just spray and wash with clean water.

Suitable cleaning agents:

Pipes, fireplaces, hoods, doors

I'm sure it's happened to you before - you will have unexpected visit to a quiet Sunday evening and you have a fireplace or stove heavily soiled. Thanks to our products, you can clean everything as if the courier had brought it new yesterday.

Suitable cleaning agents:

Paving, clutches, klinker

Do you have dirty gaps between tiles in the bathroom? Are you bothered by the grease behind the stove? You're scrubbing you're using steam and nothing's going on? Apply CLEANFEST rinse and enjoy cleanliness!

Suitable cleaning agents:

We are manufacturers and exclusive distributors of Cleanfest brand

The products of this brand cover most of the customers' needs for chemical cleaning.

Company RIApower s.r.o. Introduces Cleanfest - eco-friendly household and industrial cleaners.

In connection with the needs of our customers for various cleaning we have compiled a comprehensive offer of cleaning chemicals for common, special, domestic and professional needs of our clients. Today we clean trains, buses, trucks, airplanes, airports, floors, halls, steel structures, concrete pavement areas and many other surfaces that our customers want to be clean in a few minutes effortlessly.
Our products meet the strictest environmental requirements and are classified as environmentally safe with biodegradability.

About the company

Made in the Czech Republic

All products are made in the Czech Republic.

Individual concentration

We offer individual customization of the product concentration according to the type and the intensity of the pollution.

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