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CLEANFEST "P" – concentrated degreaser

a highly concentrated product used in a service system for washing all engines, chassis, components and parts for which petroleum products are still used, e.g. cleaning gasoline, kerosene, diesel. With the concentrate obtained, we can clean and degrease twice the size of the area used by generally used means.


Dilute the product with water according to the degree of contamination and wash the contaminated surface with a solution of the product. Then rinse with water.

  1. 200 g-500 g/10 l water washing engines, chassis, stands, car sails
  2. 100 g-200 g/10 l water degreasing metal structures before painting
  3. 50 g-100 g/10 l water cleaning of floors, tiles, tools, sanitary equipment, toilet, etc. washing, cleaning and heating


  1. 450 g
  2. 5 kg
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